What is VIHASA?

A personal and team development programme for healthcare practitioners.

Values in Healthcare is a modular development programme which will help healthcare professionals and teams to support themselves and their patients. Through experiential exercises and opportunities for reflection and self-enquiry participants can identify their own core values and discover how their insights can enhance and revitalise their work.

In the health care professions there are many different methods used to teach the skills and art of each discipline. Traditionally, formal lectures, personal study, tutorials and practical..

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In the chaotic world we live-in, everyone wants to be around happy, positive, encouraging individuals. VIHASA enables you to become such a person. It inspires participants to conjure courage to face their failures, embarrassing moments or shortcomings and use it to become better versions of themselves. In short, VIHASA builds:
  • Compassion

  • More self-control

  • Better team-work

  • More self-awareness

  • Better time management

  • Leadership capabilities

  • Better work environment

  • Better professional

  • Values in Healthcare- a spiritual approach (VIHASA)

    Values in Healthcare- a spiritual approach (VIHASA)

    A 3-day training program was held from 15-17th March 2019 in the spiritual atmos

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    5th Nov, 2018
  • VIHASA session on Compassion

    VIHASA session on Compassion

      Two 1-day VIHASA sessions were held on 21 and 22 September 2019 at the

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    30th Sep, 2019
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Objectives of VIHASA
Who can benefit?
VIHASA as a core emotional intelligence encourager platform helps:

The VIHASA Program Details - 8 Modules

Values in healthcare comprises eight one-day modules, each of which will help groups of healthcare professionals to explore values in depth, as they relate to their personal lives and professional practice:
  • Module 1


    Gain strength through motivation

  • Peace

    Benefit from being calm

    Module 2

  • Module 3


    Harness the power of thoughts

  • Compassion

    Release healing energy

    Module 4

  • Module 5


    Appreciate the wisdom of teams

  • Valuing yourself

    Sustaining the Carer

    Module 6

  • Module 7

    Spirituality in healthcare

    Spiritual care in practice

  • Building Resilience

    A response to stress and burnout

    Module 8

For more information about the 8 Modules, click here.


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